Kevin Mugur Galalae: Making sense of the insanity


Making sense of the insanity

A clear picture is beginning to emerge from the fog of lies the system is drowning us in with respect to the so-called Coronavirus pandemic.

There is no coronavirus pandemic. What we have is a deceptive way of misdiagnosing influenza with the help of false tests that give false positives 80% of the time. In other words the flu is now diagnosed as Covid-19.

But why would all UN member states cooperate in this grand deception? The short answer is to change the existing system because it no longer works and to start a new system capable of accomplishing the 17 sustainable development goals.

We have seen how emergency measures that amount to martial law have been introduced throughout the developed world and beyond forcing people to stay locked in their homes, shutting down factories and prohibiting all economic activity except for food, medicine and utilities.

Let us now see what the true reasons are for such unprecedented measures that are worse than the worst tyrannies in history, but our governments justify as necessary to prevent the spread of the pandemic and save lives.

Stay home:

This is to prevent us from using modes of transportation thus limiting to an absolute minimum our consumption of fossil fuels in the hope of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and pollution levels to slow down global warming. All other measures have failed to accomplish this. We have seen how cities around the world have reached air and water pollution levels that make life hard and spell disaster for human health.

This is also to allow scientists to observe how the planet reacts and to collect data about pollution levels and recovery rates, which will enable better climate predictive models and will give us a better idea how much time we have before we plunge the planet into an unstable state that will make agriculture impossible in many parts of the world.

Social distancing and no groups larger than two or three:

This is to see if people can hack the isolation and the lack of human contact that will be part of our lives if artificial intelligence is fully engaged. It is also to weaken social bonds, family ties outside the nuclear family, and group ties so as to prevent us from organizing and resisting the changes that will be forced upon us. This is also intended to weaken us psychologically, which will make it much easier for the authorities to manipulate us so we do what we are told and what we know to be against our own best interests, such as accept mandatory depop vaccines. This is also to prevent us from gathering, demonstrating and rebelling so we cannot regain the fundamental rights and liberties that have been taken from us overnight.


Work from home:

This is to see if commercial infrastructure can be reduced substantially by using our homes also as our offices and workplaces and to test the capacity of the internet to accommodate a work from home model, which will save a tremendous amount of resources. By working from home transportation can be reduced significantly and fossil fuel emission lowered substantially, which will bring us closer to the carbon neutral economy we are supposed to achieve in order to prevent global warming and environmental destruction. Last, this is to test our capacity to work in isolation and our ability and willingness to rely solely on artificial intelligence.

Isolate the old:

This is to shatter the remaining health of the old and push them over the edge and thus into an early grave because governments can no longer pay the pensions, medical costs and other social entitlements retired people benefit from and are indeed entitled to. Having subverted fertility for the past seven decades all developed nations now have inverted population pyramids, thus too many old people (20% or more of the population) and too few working people to bear the burden of the old, which is an unstable and unsustainable economic situation. Any frail person devoid of sunshine, movement, fresh fruit and vegetables, easy access to medical services, the presence of loved ones and meaningful social interaction will experience a quick collapse of their physical health and an even quicker collapse of their psychological health. Furthermore, old people now in the care of the state or in private or publicly subsidized old age homes can be euthanized against their will and without the knowledge let alone consent of their children or spouses.

Use digital modes of payment instead of cash:

Under the pretext that cash transmits the Coronavirus, governments encourage the use of digital forms of payment. This enables the government to monitor and control where and how we spend our money and soon also when and where we can spend our money. This will also enable the government to destroy the informal economy and make everyone dependent on government handouts and therefore in no position to refuse any governmental imposition. This is also a test run to see if cash can be eliminated altogether and to advance the process of eliminating physical money.

Go out only for essential shopping:

This is to reduce our consumption and thus alleviate the burden of overpopulation and over-consumption on nature. This will reduce our carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

Shutting down factories:

This will lead to the bankruptcy of frivolous industries and the reduction of non-essential industries. It will enable governments to nationalize key industries and reorganize the economy according to the sustainability agenda. Ultimately, it will allow human civilization to make better use of capital, human and natural resources to eliminate extreme poverty, hunger, inequality and to prevent catastrophic environmental collapse.

Listen only to the authorities:

This will enable governments to make its lies credible, its intrusions into our lives inescapable, and the destruction of our rights and liberties irreversible. It will enable totalitarianism.

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